Culture and Experience  Welcome to the White House. Follow the Agenda of the Obama Administration and read blogs, and watch videos.
Perspectives from KQED Public Radio  Listen to and read perspectives on a variety of subjects and current issues given by people in the Bay Area.
Immigration  This site features articles on many immigrant groups and includes an introduction to each group, vocabulary, potluck (recipes from each region), interviews, resources, and a conclusion. Don't miss this fabulous site. Click the thumbnails on the left to learn about each group.
The American Experience   This PBS site includes archives on The Presidents, The American Landscape, Popular Culture, Biographies, War and Politics, and Technology.
The California Gold Rush  Search this site for many fascinating stories and images of the California Gold Rush.
American Folklife   Special collections and presentations of The American Folklife Center from the Library of Congress.  "Online content may include audio samples of music and stories, digital images of rare letters and photographs, and video clips."  
Japanese-American Experience   Explore the factors that led to the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.  Read about internment locations and study the historical documents related to the incarceration of Japanese Americans.
African-American Experience   Read about African-American leaders and important events in Black History.
Whispers of Angels   Read about the  Underground Railroad - the network of people and places that helped slaves find freedom before the Civil War. Click the links on the bar at the top of the page.
Thomas Edison  Read quotations and a biography of Thomas Edison, who helped shape the "physical/cultural makeup of present day civilization."
Recent Nobel Prize Winners   You can read the Nobel Presentation speech and see a video of the recipient's Nobel Lecture.
List of All Nobel Laureates  Choose a person of interest and read the Nobel Presentation Speech and watch a video of the recipient's Nobel Lecture.

 Social and Natural Sciences and Technology

Teaching Tolerance   This site is dedicated to fighting hatred and promoting tolerance. Read articles and watch videos based on this theme.
New York Times Learning Network  Select several of the twelve topics across the top of the page to read up on a variety of issues.
Visions of the Twenty-First Century  Excellent resource on topics such as science, culture and lifestyle, technology, geopolitics, health, and environment.  
An Inconvenient Truth   On Al Gore's home page, you can read about his projects, especially An Inconvenient Truth [ ]and other articles on climate change.
Population Connection   Click on Factsheets for information on  important issues of overpopulation, environment, and women's empowerment and their connections to other  global concerns. Click Factoids for facts and statistics on demographics and resources.
Lectures and Online Courseware  Read short lectures on a variety of topics related to science and technology.
Interactive Quizzes  Improve your reading of scientific topics.
The History Channel  Read about Today in history or select Topics, TV Shows, or Videos.
Information for Healthy Living  This site has good information on Health and Wellness, Diseases and Conditions, a link Just for Kids, and Temas en Español.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Up-to-date articles on health and safety tips and goals for health protection.
Information on Mental Health   A comprehensive site with links to many others that provide mental health information.
Musarium  This site illustrates the importance of photography and storytelling. Photo, Video, and Media Lab links provide a multidimensional learning experience.
Awesome Stories   Excellent resource consisting of 8 general topics.  Select a topic for volumes of  authentic reference material.
How Stuff Works  Click a category of interest across the top or a thumbnail in the middle of the page to read interesting stuff.


Mystery Stories   Read and solve mini-mystery stories at this site. A new story is added each month.
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Stories  Read several Sherlock Holmes mystery stories. This site provides some audio as well.
Study Guide for Breaking Through
Breaking Through  Discussion questions for each chapter of Francisco Jiménez's memoir
Discussion Guides  from Vintage Books help instructors and students frame in-class discussions through comprehension questions that explore reading themes. These guides are available for numerous books by authors of various ethnicities.
The Jack London Online Collection  Learn about Jack London, read his works, listen to music, view documents and images of his life and times.
Biography of John Steinbeck  Scroll down to Works by John Steinbeck.  Read the short description of his books and check out one to read at your nearest library.
North American Women Writers of Color   Click Artists' Pages to read biographies of famous writers and for a list of their works.
What Makes a Good Short Story  Explore the literary elements of the short story "A Jury of Her Peers." You can print the story or read sections online. Click here to begin your journey into Constructing Plot, Exploring Point of View, Creating Character, Describing Setting, and Analyzing Theme.  Read some of the world's greatest poems. 
The Quotations Page  A database of over 20,000 quotations, including a quote of the day.

Companion Websites for Texts and Sites for Reading Practice

Active Skills for Reading Visit the companion web site for Book 4. Websearch activities, a glossary and flashcards are available for each chapter.
Active Skills for Reading 4 Interactive Exercises  Select the exercises for the first edition of Active Skills for Reading under Book 4. 
Concepts for Today  Companion Website for Concepts for Today. Improve your vocabulary with the Glossary, Flashcards, and Crossword Puzzles.
Timed Reading Exercises  Read Short stories (timed) and answer questions about them. 
News English   The BBC presents News Stories with vocabulary and definitions. You can also listen to the story.
Breaking News English  See Recent Lessons or scroll down to lessons based on themes. An archive of over 1000 lessons is available.
Read and Answer Comprehension Questions  From Study My English, select a question range (number of questions). Read the passages included in that range and answer the comprehension questions. The passages are similar to those you will find on standardized reading tests.
Analogies  From the same Study My English site, select a question range (number of questions). Look at the pair of words given and select another word pair that is similar in the same way. 
English Learner Movie Guides   Read about great movies and learn about the characters, plot summary and expressions that you will hear in the film. Then rent the movie! Many of the best American movies of recent times are featured here.
Reading Comprehension Texts with Questions  Choose a title from the South China Morning Post.   Click P to get the practice reading script. Double click the mouse on selected words for definitions. Then take the test that is under the script to the left. 
Reading for Fun and Interest    Reading for fun lists four sources for extensive reading material [Sherlock Holmes, articles from South China Morning Post, EarthBase (articles on global disasters) and Casablanca]. Click one of the four sources and read through the chapters or articles.. An interactive dictionary allows you to double-click on any word to get its definition.
English Reading Room  Select from free online newspapers, magazines, books, references, and libraries.
Study Guides and Strategies  Tips on how to learn and how to manage your academic work load.

Print Media and Public Broadcasting Sites

Public Broadcasting News Hour  Read daily KQED broadcasts of top news stories.
Public Broadcasting Services  Check this site for outstanding reading material accompanying Public Broadcasting Services programs. Topics include Life and Culture and Science and Nature.
KQED News for Students  Read up on the latest important news stories.
CNN News 
The National Geographic Magazine  Read stories about our world and our galaxy under Daily News. Click to see Inside the magazine and view beautiful photos, read feature articles and listen to videos.  Click Maps and use the dynamic atlas to view most places on earth.
The Holt World Map  This page has links to Continent/World Region Maps.
Mother Jones  Topics include News and Politics, Arts and Culture, Environment and Health, Special Reports, etc.
The San Jose Mercury News         
The New York Times              
Time Magazine  
Newsweek Magazine
Hispanic Magazine 

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