Phonetics: The Sounds of American English  Learn the sounds of American English with this complete phonetics course from the University of Iowa. Click the buttons across the top. Video and audio clips provided.  Be patient as it takes a moment to load.  Click here for terms used to describe parts of the oral cavity and speech production.
The Pronunciation Doctor  Listen to this humorous video by Marsha Chan and check out the playlist below the video for numerous pronunciation lessons for various fields.
English Pronunciation Lessons with JenniferESL Lesson 1 is the unvoiced TH sound. To move through the site, click the next frame at the bottom of the page or click the arrow bottom right.
English for Professionals   Work schedule language from JenniferESLClick here for Part 2.
Short Videos of the sounds of English: The sounds of English, sample words, and sentences (Rachel's English)
Heteronyms and Homophones - Don't miss these very clear videos from Rachel's English.
Pronunciation Activities  Find a variety of pronunciation activities on Eva Easton's site.
Video Lessons has excellent videos for pronouncing initial, middle, and final sounds as well as a daily practice story.
For Hindi Speakers  - free lesson on /k/ vs. /g/, /t/ vs. /d/, the /r/ sound, and /b/ vs. /p/.
Daily Pronunciation Videos   Check the archive for alphabetized lists of words with video presentations on how to pronounce them. Scroll down for several videos under each letter.
Pronunciation Practice Using Ads   With each ad in the list, play the video and listen for differences between what you hear and what you see in the script. Follow directions on the screen to get the most out of these activities.
Practice Problem Consonants  Practice difficult consonants.  Scroll down the page to get the video links. Download free Quick Time and Shockwave for multimedia.  
IPA Phonetic Symbols with Sample Words   Practice all of the sounds of American English and get acquainted with IPA symbols used in phonetic transcription.
The American /r/ Sound  Scroll down to the vowel chart to hear the vowels and sample words.
Syllables, Stress Patterns, and Rhythm Activities  Try out these Activities to improve various aspects of your pronunciation.
Pronunciation Tips from the BBC  Content links are on the right. Try out Sounds of English, Features of Pronunciation, and Quizzes  Select a poem and play the audio file. Practice reciting the poem.

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